Thursday, September 3, 2009


We are starting a painting job. I am dreading this painting job. The last time we painted we had 3 estimates and I was SHOCKED at the cost to hire a professional painter... BUT, I do believe they earn every cent of it... it's tedious, endless and I find absolutely NO JOY in it... except when it's done. So...tonight I'm writing this blog to distract me from starting... yep - there is NO ONE who can procrastinate like me to avoid something I'm dreading... I admit it too. This has been brewing for weeks... I made a statement we had to wait until Gene left for school...we now have a 3 day weekend... why not "labor" over Labor Day Weekend - (not one of my favorite holiday weekends anyway)... I could easily find more excuses...but think it's best to just TAKE THE PLUNGE!!

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