Monday, September 21, 2009

What's your color...what's your cause?

Today at school one of our Associate Deans had on a teal colored ribbon pin... hmmm, teal? We all know that Red is for Aids Awareness, it was the initial of the many colored ribbons that was developed in 1991, since then there are so many, some very recognizable, especially the pink for breast cancer awareness, and, they are still being created... I love causes and will always ask someone what their symbol means, from the many colored plastic bracelets with many causes, the initial being yellow - they are frequently referred to as rubber bracelet, sometimes called silicone bracelets, engraved silicone bracelets, cause bracelets, gel bracelets or Livestrong bracelets, that were popularized by the Lance Armstrong Foundation. The Lance Armstrong Foundation had "Livestrong" printed on the bracelets and sold them to raise cancer awareness. Following the popularity of Livestrong bracelets, other organizations have jumped on board, creating their own bracelets to raise money and awareness for different causes. (I've never been a fan of Lance Armstrong, my own personal reasons, but it has nothing to do with a great cause) Each cause is usually represented by a different color. One of my favorite charities is "donate life" a lime green bracelet... Of course I'm a supporter of ovarian cancer awareness, a silent killer to so many women... that's what the teal represents, today I also learned that September is ovarian cancer awareness month, October, is breast cancer awareness month... support your cause and wear your bracelet or pin with pride!

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