Monday, September 28, 2009

Planning for a Garage Sale... the battle is beginning!

Getting ready for a garage sale with my husband is going to be a battle... he does NOT want to part with anything... (althought he says he does) He's used this line a few too many times "How can you get rid of that, we've had it since we're married"? EXACTLY... and we've not touched it in over 20 years either. We're talking engagement gifts that have moved with us... and this time permanently into our basement. Phil has MORE fishing equipment than a fishing store, I'm NOT exaggerating... at first he was so anxious to clean it out and sell. Last night he told me he did not want to part with any of it! I thought advertising "fishing gear" would be a great lure (no pun intended)... there goes that idea! The deal was... I'm happy to take off a couple of days at work to get ready, but I'm NOT doing this alone and need help schlepping stuff from the basement and attic... he seems to still be on board with this... When I mentioned I'm tired of a print we've had hanging in our living room, that's since faded, he was heart broken "please don't sell that... we bought it when we were engaged"... I'm in for it... I can see the battles leading up to this event already... Over the years things just "disappeared"... it's the only way to purge stuff in our house... now that I want to sell it and it will be out on a table ... I feel I'll be "caught"... I want to turn a leaf and live like a "minimalist" with nothing around we do not need, have not touched and except for huge sentimental value... just get rid of it... who's going to win this battle???

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