Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Dreaded Chore!

I reminded myself of my Mom tonight... I took out the ironing board, set it up while the TV (and A/C) were on, Phil was in the room and gave me a "what's this all about" look. I can't remember the last time I ironed more than 1 item.... I'm usually rushing to iron the bare minimum, on the counter... cutting every corner possible.
Since Gene is interning and needs dress shirts, it was time - 6 shirts have been on the spare room bed for close to a week... (ah, hem...that means they would NOT move until I did something about it).
Growing up and living in a house with 2 other sisters, our ironing board was ALWAYS opening and closing - and Mom frequently would set a night aside to "just iron"... Does anyone do that anymore?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A year ago...

A year ago we were at my nephew's beautiful high school graduation... all the spectators were outside on the bleachers - what do I remember most??? My brother-in-law leaning into me and telling me "Michael Jackson just died"! The buzz quickly traveled through the bleachers (too many blackberries...instant news)... By the time the ceremony was over and we were all on the field taking was as the headline story!
It was one of those historic times you'll always remember where you were, similar to JFK's assassination, John Lennon, etc. - I've NEVER been a Michael Jackson fan, but admit he's a well known legend... Just one of those days I'll always remember!

Friday, June 18, 2010

THE Opportunist...

op·por·tun·ist (pr-tnst, -ty-)

One who takes advantage of any opportunity to achieve an end, often with no regard for principles or consequences.
opportunist - taking immediate advantage, often unethically, of any circumstance of possible benefit.
When I think about it, it's my LEAST favorite trait in a person... I can scout them out in both professional and personal life and I stay clear... People who go to all means to benefit themselves with no regard for others... Kapish???

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A TRUE... Pain in the Arse...

Can you break your butt? Early this morning, while out on the motor boat with our rowing coach... I lost my balance, came flying off the seat and landed on the bottom of the boat on my butt...I did not think anything could hurt so much...and being mortified I just "sucked it up" and said NOTHING my poor Tailbone (Coccyx) ... I've heard it's not black and blue (yet)... any suggestions?!?!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Tappan Zee at Sunrise!

Tomorrow...officially starts the first day of rowing for adult masters.  Back on the Hudson at 5:30 AM... early to bed tonight... with a prayer and a pair of oars...
Under the beautiful Tappan Zee at Sunrise!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Social Shopping....

Shopping with a sister... you spend way more money than if alone...and get the other to spend "way more money"...

"NO...too frumpy"... "Oh come on, get it - don't be crazy, it looks great on you" and "our kids will love this...or "these"... something for everyone! Just buy it, what's the big deal??? I realized, we went to the "outlet" in Harriman... initially to go to 1 shop...the other 3 stores we went into... all got "our money"... I think I'll keep shopping to a non social event, maybe not as much fun... but much easier on the wallet! blah, blah, blah...nah...I'd do it again tomorrow!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010


We all know at sometime we'll get one of these calls... and of course we dread them.

Today my sister called me to tell me that our parent's dog, Barley, had died. It stopped me in my tracks. Barley had a VERY GOOD DOG LIFE... he was a great dog - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that was born to a breeder in Ireland... He spent many days with us, he got along very well with our dog and was easy to dog sit, we always loved having him. My Mom is "heart sick" - Barley was a huge part of my folks daily lives, he traveled everyplace with them, up and down the coast from Florida to NJ, etc.
The good news, if there is "good news"... he did not suffer, he was not on medicine to keep him alive, he never had to be brought to a Vet to be "euthanized"... he died a quick natural death, but it makes it so hard on those that will miss him most.
So today, I came home and saw my overweight Golden Retriever on the love seat she is NOT supposed to be on, but just ignored it and played with her a little longer then I usually do outside... Dogs, Animals... we all know the inevitable when we get them, but we are never prepared.
"Barley and Reilly"

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Plug... (I love this cup)....

I'm NOT a Starbuck Coffee fan, but I LOVE this insulated cup that you can purchase. I'm forever taking drinks with me, and I LOVE a lot of ice... this cup is so well insulated it does not "bead" up on the outside and keeps a cold drink insulated and cold for a great amount of time... Just a "little" plug... my cousin gave me one for Christmas... I left it in my office and sure the cleaning people "loved it too" as it disappeared from my office! With the HOT days of summer here already, keep your favorite cold drinks conveniently COLD!!!