Friday, June 11, 2010


We all know at sometime we'll get one of these calls... and of course we dread them.

Today my sister called me to tell me that our parent's dog, Barley, had died. It stopped me in my tracks. Barley had a VERY GOOD DOG LIFE... he was a great dog - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that was born to a breeder in Ireland... He spent many days with us, he got along very well with our dog and was easy to dog sit, we always loved having him. My Mom is "heart sick" - Barley was a huge part of my folks daily lives, he traveled everyplace with them, up and down the coast from Florida to NJ, etc.
The good news, if there is "good news"... he did not suffer, he was not on medicine to keep him alive, he never had to be brought to a Vet to be "euthanized"... he died a quick natural death, but it makes it so hard on those that will miss him most.
So today, I came home and saw my overweight Golden Retriever on the love seat she is NOT supposed to be on, but just ignored it and played with her a little longer then I usually do outside... Dogs, Animals... we all know the inevitable when we get them, but we are never prepared.
"Barley and Reilly"

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