Saturday, January 30, 2010

It feels good to feel sore!

Back in the boat... we'll sort of, simulating rowing in indoor tanks, oars in the water, seats could slide, everything like being in the boat - oh, but you can't tip and it was warm inside!
West Point Academy has an amazing boat house facility, a 2 story building with a floor of ergs, and 2 water tanks, all while facing the Hudson, which is very close to the building and a very narrow part of the river... it was frozen and soooo amazing to see a tug boat drag a huge freight boat down the river and breaking up huge slabs of ice!

So nice to be sore again, blisters on the palms of my hands and rowing with the nicest people... all half my age and younger!!! I'm a winter girl, but today was the first day I truly can say, I'm looking forward to spring and be back on The Hudson! 

Monday, January 25, 2010

Mini HS Reunion...(and sort of missing by blog)

It all started with Patty, currently living in Arizona, and letting the FB world of the class of 1975 from IHHS know she was home and "let's get together" ~ Thanks made for a very impromptu and casual great night... at the "dive" bar that was so happy to have us... in fact, they even made a back drop for us! I think there were around 20 of us... all different groups of friends, so nice to see barriers broken after so many years...

I have limited memories of the old "Tobo's Bar", my sister reminded me that our mother would not allow us to go there, and what I'm really impressed with is, "we must have listened to her"... I've not been a big fan of overpriced, stuffy reunions, I love seeing old classmates, but as each reunion seems to dwindle in size, doing it at a fun bar certainly works for me... and seemed to be the consensus of the gang!

It's our 35th (OMG) this June... as of now, nothing is planned...if something should happen, I hope it's an informal event... great fun!
(and a reason to post on my blog, I'm missing)...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

1 Year Later!

Happy 1 year anniversary to my blog... It all started last January 6th... my first blog was on "Little Christmas"... I've really had fun with it this year... met some fun people and it forced me to sometimes "think" and write...'s time for a break... maybe it's "blogger's block" - or knowing me, I get bored way too easily and need to move on to my next "thing" - whatever "that" may be!

Maybe I'll be inspired again...but I'm still on facebook and feel very connected through that!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Come back... "food network"....

I'm somewhat obsessed by what I recently can't's the Food Network and HGTV... If you belong to cable via "Cablevision" you can't watch them either... I thought I was hearing things when my friend Jane posted it on "facebook"... WHAT??? They are my most watched channels... So, an agreement - between Scripps Network (owners of both Food Network and HGTV) and Cablevision... way too many details for me to keep track of... I really don't care who owns what, etc. - all I know is I'm in withdrawal! I missed Michelle Obama on Iron Chef America the other night... but, who I really miss are both Giada and Ina... ("Everyday Italian" and "Barefoot Contessa")...
So how long do I wait it out??? My husband and son just "don't get it"... but let me see them not be able to watch football, they'd get it really quickly! When The Yankees went onto some "paid" only network, we bought it the next day... no questions asked!

I'm sure that through someone, and somehow, they will become available, hopefully not at an additional cost... if push comes to shove and this household has to decide between some "elite" channels...

Monday, January 4, 2010

Interfaith Traditions!

Different families...different traditions. It's been like this since I've been with my husband... I'm used to's automatically accepted - how we celebrate holidays, birthdays, family gatherings, funerals, weddings, etc. Our son automatically knows what to expect when it comes to whom we are celebrating with... neither are better than the others, there is no right or wrong - we're accustomed to it, we are in "automatic" gear on what to expect. When my family celebrates birthdays it's always at someone's house, someone makes the cake and hosts the dinner, etc. My husbands family ALWAYS celebrates a birthday in a restaurant, with a bakery cake. Coming from different religions and heritage certainly plays a major part in our background... but it goes beyond that. It's not the religion, it's the custom... Even though our son is being brought up as a Christian with the Catholic Sacraments, he has respect and understanding for other religions and customs ~ I'm grateful to be able to experience both and that our son is exposed to both as well.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas is for kids...

Yes, sharing Christmas with a kid makes it really special.  After a family party, my little 5 year old cousin came back the next morning to make reindeer pancakes together! 

Happy Girl!!!

I'll admit it... I LOVE new handbags! I'll wait to purchase a good one... something about a "knock off" that just does not sit well with me... therefore, I don't have many bags, and I'm NOT big at changing them to match an outfit... they stay with me for a few weeks, at least. A few weeks ago I commented on my cousin's purse... I LOVED it... black tote with red handles - I was trying to see what kind it was... I've been thinking of this purse since that day, it was a new one to me. (I'm also particular, it has to zip on the top, thin straps and be able to go over the shoulder... no compromise)Last night, they walked in with it as a gift, and a beautiful matching wallet - Cleo and Patek. Made if France, bought in NYC, and thrilled to be my new "favorite" bag... Oh, I feel just so lucky!