Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy Girl!!!

I'll admit it... I LOVE new handbags! I'll wait to purchase a good one... something about a "knock off" that just does not sit well with me... therefore, I don't have many bags, and I'm NOT big at changing them to match an outfit... they stay with me for a few weeks, at least. A few weeks ago I commented on my cousin's purse... I LOVED it... black tote with red handles - I was trying to see what kind it was... I've been thinking of this purse since that day, it was a new one to me. (I'm also particular, it has to zip on the top, thin straps and be able to go over the shoulder... no compromise)Last night, they walked in with it as a gift, and a beautiful matching wallet - Cleo and Patek. Made if France, bought in NYC, and thrilled to be my new "favorite" bag... Oh, I feel just so lucky!

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OHN said...

Oh, we must be soul sisters. For some women it is shoes...for me it is bags.

My friends lovingly call me a purse whore.

I have too many to use, but eventually work my way through them, then back again. I have a couple that are my "go to" bags, then I have some that are only summer, and only fun.