Thursday, December 31, 2009

Surviving New Year's Eve!

One of my "least" favorite holidays is New Year's Eve...always has been, even in my "younger" days... Why... Beware when "non drinkers" decide to drink... one of the other holidays I say that about is "St. Paddy's Day"... having spent many March 17 in the city and seeing kids who drank too much... trust me, not pretty.

New Year's Eve... it's almost depressing to means the "end" to Christmas, the tree is dry and drooping, and it's time for the long winter with the only other holiday lurking around the corner ... St. Valentine's Day (which I do enjoy)...

It's just one of those things... I'm happy to be home, safe and sound with my immediate family - ah hem, who am I kidding - our son is NEVER home on this night, and it's one night I'm not nestled into bed until he is home and safe... (reality, I'm on chauffeur duty... for obvious reasons)! 
I wish EVERYONE a very peaceful and healthy New Year...we all deserve that!