Sunday, December 13, 2009

This Christmas...

No Cards... No Baking. A VERY different turn for me... I'm "shocking" people I'm not sending cards... Maybe if I had a nice family picture I'd buckle and do a card... but it never happened this year and sending pre-ordered picture cards with signature is SO EASY... I can't sign 100 cards (and for me it's an all or nothing task). NO baking? I don't think so, if everything else gets done and time allots, maybe I'll do a few specialities... (maybe)  It's the year of change for me... Our family all discussed scaling back - especially between the adults, after all, we ALL NEED NOTHING. When I hear on the news that shopping is down from other years, I feel great that I'm contributing to that status. For some reason... I don't think the 3 wise men who brought the birth of Jesus each a gift ever thought Christmas would come to what it has!
What I'm happy to still be doing is emphasizing what we all have, keeping the traditions that are important to our family...some outreach to many less fortunate and reminding myself to be grateful for what we are blessed with! 

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