Sunday, July 25, 2010

Support your local farmer's market!!

I've heard about it, but stopped today when I passed it... what a gem, and practically in our back yard..(Ramsey, NJ)  After all we ARE the Garden State... freshly picked corn, tomatoes, beets, etc. The Pickle Man, fresh mozzarella, locally grown flowers (zinnias... so summery)... Breads from a local bakery,  honey, salsa's, pies, health care awareness booths... what a pleasure! Sometimes the best finds and bets are closer then you may think... I'll be back next Sunday - I love to support local merchants, farmers, etc!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Maggie, My Niece Now Certified in Traditional and Wilderness Medicine!

Know of an adventurous teen? I've been following Maggie's Blog for the past few weeks while she is in Belize... she left and met with a group of 10 other teens, none of them knew each other... they all do now! Sounds like the trip of a lifetime, not for everyone... can't wait to hear all about it when she comes home this weekend...
Sharing a few of many photos... if interested - read up on them and their journey in the attached link!
Congratulations to all the WFR Graduates!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bristol and Levi...

Bristol and Levi, they're young - come on - support them and let them "give it a go"... Do I think it will be a marriage that will last forever... well, who's to know (but I certainly hope so) -  they share a child and I give them credit for giving marriage a try - what is the harm? Oh, her mother is made to look badly? OK... think back to early romances in your late teens and early twenties ... didn't you say some really STUPID stuff about past boy or girl friends or their parents? We all did, but it was just not on Larry King Live or in "People" Magazine... I wish the new family much luck, love and happiness. Sorry Sarah.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Meet Sue...

Resilience. Nothing can stop her. Nothing will keep her down. No one is as much fun. No greater a mother. No better a friend.  To know her, is to love her. I could share a multitude of memories, one was before I knew her well and she knew I was interested in starting to "walk", as she was doing marathon's, she walked at a snail's pace with me... totally encouraging.  From living in small town "Mayberry" to fulfilling her dream (after a few bumps in the road) to a NYC apartment and house down the shore - still making sure she kept in touch with her friends, book group, etc - whether it's doing a mission in Haiti or Central America or arriving at a Memorial Day party with an apple pie and flag in the center of it, she'll always or never cease to amaze me... Love her!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Allendale - Holiday Observers!

Since 1919 a group of men in Allendale (and it somewhat does bother me it's "just" men...but they do a great job, so I put my pride aside, keep quiet and have to compliment I doubt a woman in town has challenged them to join...and trust me...I'm not interested)...
Holiday Observers...I think they are what make our small town (frequently referred to as "Mayberry") so wonderful. They celebrate most holidays, July 4th being the flagship holiday... Where else can you purchase burgers and hotdog's at the 1950's prices of .50 each? Games for families during the day...and an amazing firework display in the evening at Crestwood Park. Everyone in town looks forward to July 4th...and when we've been away, we all miss it!