Sunday, July 4, 2010

Allendale - Holiday Observers!

Since 1919 a group of men in Allendale (and it somewhat does bother me it's "just" men...but they do a great job, so I put my pride aside, keep quiet and have to compliment I doubt a woman in town has challenged them to join...and trust me...I'm not interested)...
Holiday Observers...I think they are what make our small town (frequently referred to as "Mayberry") so wonderful. They celebrate most holidays, July 4th being the flagship holiday... Where else can you purchase burgers and hotdog's at the 1950's prices of .50 each? Games for families during the day...and an amazing firework display in the evening at Crestwood Park. Everyone in town looks forward to July 4th...and when we've been away, we all miss it!

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