Sunday, December 20, 2009

A "first" for me... Emailing my Cards!

This is a "first" for me... (I sent this via email)... if I received this from someone (years ago)... I'd have something to say, I'm sure... after all, how impersonal can you get???  Well, I hope no one was offended...but the fact is...I'm running out of time and something has to "give"... I actually enjoyed creating this original card of family photo's this past year... I'll send cards next year... I don't want to loose touch with too many special people who I ONLY hear from once a year... (and many are not checking their emails)... I love Christmas...and one of my favorite traditions is to open up cards... especially when there is a "personal" note, not a typed letter to the world bragging about how "great" everyone is in the family... (those I save for a family dinner and we all "crack" up over I do hope we receive a is rather amusing for us). 
Count down...less than a week before Christmas!  The week leading up to Christmas is my favorite week of the entire year... the anticipation, having everyone home or arriving! 

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Blasé said...

Computers can be a good thing, sometimes. Yea, Emailing!