Thursday, December 3, 2009

Talk about a "Diamond in the Rough"

A Happy Ending Story...
A few weeks ago I noticed one of the diamonds was missing in my engagement ring... my sisters and mom were over, we all started hunting on the floor... I noticed it on my stove... (We all thanked St. Anthony...I was VERY lucky)... I went to the jeweler... the woman said all the prongs looked worn and I agreed to have the jeweler fix them all. This is a special ring... the center diamond was given to me by my mother, it was one my dad gave to her... the side diamonds were earrings Phil gave to me for my 40th birthday, they fell out twice (even with a screw back)... I had my ring re-set with 3 diamonds... my "favorite" piece of jewelry. I picked up my ring 2 weeks ago, OH SO shiny and new looking!!! Yesterday while in a meeting I noticed 1 of  the side diamonds was gone. This time I was not so lucky...even with the meeting coming to an end and everyone hunting with me to try and find it... I phoned the jeweler... I was very nice - he remembered me and the ring and said to come in. I went there yesterday...he was VERY nice, looked under a microscope and showed me that the diamond that was there was the one he put back... it was obvious under the microscope... I agreed... BUT... nicely said "I was asked if I wanted all the prongs tightened, paid for that service and received the ring back assuming it was repaired"... He said "I will call you tomorrow and see what I can do"... OK... without making a "fuss" I said - thank you. We all had a different scenario on what he would do??? He called me today, asked if I found the stone... and of course I had not - He said he would replace the diamond, re-set it and it would be ready in a week, he has to order the stone! Was I happy???? Of course I thanked him and said if I find the stone, I will bring it back to him, and I would of course do that... I'm constructing a nice letter to the local paper thanking him; I truly was shocked, grateful and will always remember how polite and honorable he was... Thank you Plaza Jewelers in Waldwick, NJ
Now, isn't that a happy ending?

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OHN said...

How nice!

(though I must admit, if it were me, after getting the "new" ring back again, I would take it to a completely separate jeweler to have it appraised to be sure the quality of the new stone equals what you had in there before....yes, I am a cynic :(