Tuesday, December 15, 2009

NYC at Christmas!!!

A perfect day in the city... It felt so good because I did something I wanted to do... part of me thought I "should" finish my shopping, write my cards (oh wait, I'm not doing them this year), bake my whiskey cakes (I'm not doing them either)... but I blew off my "to do" list and spent a perfect day in the city.
It started with my little cousin's Holiday Concert at her Montessori School on the Upper West Side... what better way than to hear little voices singing 9 songs...

I met a great friend for lunch, and we managed to do some shopping... (where else, Williams Sonoma) - we had so much fun....Cindy left with bags that were filled! 

I made it a point to see "the tree", I heard it was beautiful this year, I thought - ah,  it looks the same every year.... but, it was beautiful this year... So were the Christmas windows at Saks...

Popped into Henri Bendel - great 'frivolous" shopping - a store I can't EVER imagine my husband tolerating!

And ended with special people at a great NYC watering hole...
Pig n Whistle Irish Pub!!! 

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