Thursday, September 3, 2009

Adrenaline Rush... (not the good kind)!

ADRENALINE RUSH: "It is released from the adrenal glands when danger threatens or in an emergency, Such triggers may be threatening, ... "
You can't help them...they come when you least expect them... and then trying to recover when they are over? I just had one... Phil was expected home tonight from a fishing trip - he frequently stays until the bitter end and it's totally dark... then calls me when on the road - he left last night for the Catskills. It's 10:45 PM, and I just went into a panic... I called the local police to make sure there were NO fishing accidents (I had him floating down the river in waders filled w/ water)... "No Ma'am... all quiet here today". Hmmmm, I know his cell phone does NOT work in this area.... I have NO idea why I called the OLNY motel in the area... "Yes, he just checked in" My heart is pounding.... it's NOT him on the other end of the line!!! Called her back... "whoops, sorry about that"... Does he have a beard? Is he a fisherman? Does he drive a Honda? YES, YES, YES - hold on.... Phil picks up... I suddenly "loose it" - why are you there? why have you not called me? He starts laughing - "what is your problem... I told you I took tomorrow off as a vacation day to fish... did you check your messages, I left you one"? "oh, no... and now I sort of remember you telling me something about this... " OK...sorry - well, how was your day fishing anyway........... yadda, yadda, yadda - at that point it was that shaky POST adrenaline rush... relief, anger, and now I'm SO WIDE AWAKE, but ...happy! 

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