Friday, September 18, 2009

That "light" at the end of the tunnel!

I FINALLY see it... after a few long weeks... When you do the work's painstakingly slow - it's starting to feel rewarding. Honestly, even if my scheduled allowed me to do this project 24/7 - I think I'd be so bored... I've realized I get bored way more than I admit! After painting and painting... and scraping and taping... today the new carpet was installed. We had 4 of the nicest men here for 6 hours, only one spoke English and he was so thoughtful and accommodating... and I was SO HAPPY they took away the old carpet - the last time we did this it had to go on the curb! I guess the best compliment was our son came home for all of 10 minutes and was all compliments..."he noticed"! My September resolution is LESS clutter...for me it's very hard... so as I'm putting away my "STUFF" I'm consciously putting away much less of it and planning for my first garage sale... a topic for another blog!


preppyplayer said...

OK, ebay queen I am trying to get past that you have NEVER had a garage sale? Is it because of your cranky neighbor?

As for pollen, my sis found it cheaper online and I will get the site for you. She is using it and it is the same stuff.
hope all is well and see you soon!!

Susan said...

YES... cranky is in for it... I'm actually "inviting" him to join us...trying a new strategy! I've NEVER had one...and I realized, I've NOT been on ebay in well over a year... OK..send me the pollen site, sounds good.