Monday, September 7, 2009

Put away your White Shoes!!!

I can hear both my Mom and Grandmother so vividly - "It's Labor Day.. no more white shoes until Memorial Day"... it always "bugged" me - but you'll NEVER find me wearing white shoes (reality... I only own 1 pair of flat white sandals, I do not own any white shoes) ... but I've carried it over to white pants, bags, skirts and a few other items that "scream" summer! I was curious what etiquette origin this came from... it appears it's a bit of a mystery. Some cited temperature, that white reflects light and heat, wearing white would make you cooler in winter, but let's not get it mixed with "winter white" that's always acceptable. Go figure! But it's one of those imbedded rules in my head, I notice when others wear white (of course I know not to say anything, except if you were my sister, but they know better too)! I guess it's another reason it's officially the end of summer... too bad because besides schools starting up - September is the best beach month... just don't be caught sporting a white bathing suit! my dreams!!!

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