Sunday, September 13, 2009

Nothing like a good pot of "brewed" coffee!

I hate a coffee rush.   When I'm working over weekends at school, I tend to drink way too much coffee... sometimes just to break up the day... we now have this "Flavia" Coffee Machine - they have become very popular, single self serving cups of coffee. I'll admit, they are inticing, some great flavors - but the jury is still out in my mind. I love the convenience, but it's NOT brewed coffee. What sort of "bugs" me is that I love hazelnut flavored coffee (not the syrup)... but I really DO NOT like Flavia's Hazelnut... I've noticed these other places as well, I don't think the water is hot enough and it just does not compare to true brewed coffee... curious if anyone else has a single serving coffee machine, the pods seem to be the most popular... I've tried them too... still not sold!

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