Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Roman Polanski... am I missing something?

Maybe I'm missing something? If my daughter was 13 and had sex with ANYONE, (and drugged) I would fight to the end of the earth to have the guy arrested ... if he fled after only serving 42 days in prison on the eve of his sentencing and disappeared for 31 years as a fugitive, I would NOT be playing the sympathy card. What Roman Polanski did was unfathomable. Time does not forgive this crime... having the woman who I sense is feeling pressure to have his crime "erased" does not make it right.  I'm an open minded liberal citizen... but 13 year olds need to be protected and who knows what long term effect this has had on her! Polanski is brilliant, talented and directed some of our classic movies... but I also consider him a coward and a rapist. Let him sit in a Swiss Jail, even at 76 - justice needs to be served. From what I'm reading, many people do not agree with me... even Whoppi Goldberg who I ususally agree with on most issues, feels it was not "rape"... Am I missing something?


preppyplayer said...

I agree with you and yet I wonder about all this wasted time and $$$ on an old man. I think his punishment should be ( and has been) that he cannot return to the U.S. and hurt others. I'm sure his banishment has cost him in many ways, or... I hope it has! See you on Mon., looking forward to it :)

OHN said...

I keep thinking.....I wonder how many other 13 year old girls did he rape over the course of the years he was out of the country.

A zebra usually keeps his stripes.

This whole story makes me shake my head.