Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sciatic Relief... AVOID SURGERY!!!

Spinal Decompression Table
I consistently hear people complain of back pain... young people too!  I can relate...I suffered for over a year...and everyone who knew me 3 years ago must remember my constant pain...pure agony. After 3 epidural treatments from an orthopedist, with no relief, I went to a neurosurgeon who agreed with the orthopedist that the ONLY treatment was surgery. I was set, not happy, but the sciatica was so constant, and lower back pain so acute I had to do something! My Mother was practically begging me to go to a chiropractor and one that had a decompression table. Mom had been on a table for spinal stenosis and felt the relief, through that she did a lot of research and sent me articles and information... I was NOT one to ever trust a chiropractor, and both doctors warned me not to let one "touch me". I finally caved in, and went for a free consultation... with that came a free massage... luckily, they took my insurance but were smart and encouraged me to come back a few times before I committed. If I was the staff in this office, I would have kicked me out of the office, I had NO trust, questioned EVERY move they made and had an attitude of "prove to me" you can help me. I was persistent and went 3 times/week (the treatments on the table were soothing and I LOVED the massage) ... after 2 weeks I started to feel "relief". After 3 months I had absolutely NO pain. Three years later, still no pain. So, if you, or someone you know is suffering from lower back pain from herniated discs, or has sciatica, it's worth investigating... I'd go back in a heart beat at the first sign of pain!

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