Sunday, September 20, 2009

When you open-up Pandora's Box!

Ut oh..just as 1 room and hall are the way they should be... I feel like I've opened up Pandora's Box... suddenly every ceiling looks like it needs a fresh white coat... and while we're heading up there... some spackle to fix up some blemishes... and while we're doing the ceiling - maybe just the doors... Now that I have no curtains, I'm noticing some green mildew that set in on some awnings... a clorox scrub will do it wonders... And why not take a few screens in for repair... those small tears have been driving me crazy...

I don't know if I've been in denial, or knew starting 1 project would just keep me unfolding layers upon layers of other projects. Let's face it, a house is a time zapper, money pit - you are never really done! My husband seem to be dreading my new opening line "You know what I think we should do..." I've missed a couple of springs for the traditional clean-up and I seem to function better in the Fall... My memories growing up are there always being a project going on...all of this started with 2 tiny burns in our old carpet...another story for another blog!

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Pearls To Hide My Neck said...

I totally have to laugh at your "you know what I think we should do" statement. My husband cringes when I say thta because it always involves money. I am so bad about this at the start of fall and then after Christmas. I clean, clean, clean but then I always find something that must be replaced or an area that needs something new.
Good luck with the freshening.