Thursday, September 24, 2009

Should Reilly win this battle?

"Ut Oh... Caught"
OK...the dog's winning. We removed "Reilly's Chair"... she (used) to only jumped up onto 1 piece of furniture... it was time for this chair to go to the curb! The replaced chair has a bit of a rock... she won't go near it... I've come down for 3 mornings and she's decided the love seat is her new place to habitat... we are "not" agreeing on this. I've arranged the pillows, she moves them. I've put down a throw, she has removed it. At what point do I "give in"... the problem is ~ I feel badly - we took away "her" chair of many years... but I have to remind myself that SHE IS A DOG!
Do you allow your dog to jump up onto furniture???


Laura said...

yes. may as well give it up! I gave up the illusion of perfection a long time ago. My dog brings me joy every day.

OHN said...

I think you have to change your way of thinking and be grateful that Reilly lets YOU sleep or sit wherever you want in HER house ;)