Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A few of my favorite things... LLBean!

LLBean... Standard Favorites... GOR TEX... Field Jackets... Boots...  GREAT Totes...!

Early Fall...Memories of buying back to school clothes. My poor Mom - 3 girls! I've lucked out, our son is not into clothes, he wants comfort and has a conservative style, by nature - I've never interefered about anything he's wanted, it's just not an issue in our house.  His girlfriend has dropped a few "hints", but she is very classic and I'd give her my credit card to shop with him, anyday! I can purchase almost everything I want from catalogs.  (ANYTHING to avoid a mall) It is still my favorite time of year to receive catalogs, and yet, the one I found/find myself looking forward to receiving and ordering from is still LLBean! I can purchase for all 3 of us with one click on the mouse!  I remember my trip to their flagship store in Maine - probably one of the only "highs" I received from shopping. So, as I recently did my "couch shopping" I came up with a few favorites... I've also branched out and equally love Eddie Bauer and Orvis...get the picture? Not very trendy in our house, we stick to the classic basics that never go out of style!

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