Sunday, September 6, 2009

How Nervy... A Painting Party!

So being the "big mouth" that I am...and talk about everything I'm doing... I've mentioned to many that we are FINALLY starting our inside painting job. I've had at least 3 people say to me "oh, why don't you have a painting party"... Have you ever been invited to such a thing? We haven't and if we did I'd be sure to NOT EVEN CONSIDER GOING... how nervy can you get? Painting is like moving - you DON'T expect people to help you - if you can't do it yourself, hire someone - that's it!
I once went to a 'trim the tree" Christmas Party... we brought an ornament and it was very festive... that's about the extent of a "come and help" party I ever want!
Has anyone ever been invited to a "painting party"... you can serve all the enticing food and spirits you want... I don't wanna be there... and therefore, I'd NEVER dream of having one myself!
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