Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Zero" Tolerance for littering!

Today being "Earth Day"... one of my new found favorite holidays... it's very significant and it's a "no gift" holiday... (a topic for another blog... let's have more "no gift" holidays)!
It made me remember the inner rage I get when I see people litter! I have "zero tolerance" for littering... that includes everything! I remember seeing litter in towns, along highways, etc - and I'm happy to say...there is much less of it... Thank God.
This is a TRUE story...I've told it to many people. In 1993, walking down Madison Ave at lunch time...stop and go traffic... I witnessed a family open their window and throw out a large plastic container with a huge salad in it.... right onto the street. I was NOT the only one who witnessed this... I was enraged. Traffic did not move...but I did... I walked into the street, picked up the plastic container with food and through it back into the car. (the window was open)... I turned around and had a few others on the sidewalk openly applaud me.... It took guts... but not much and it was a reactionary moment that I did not give much thought to...I reacted quickly and just gave it back to them... it was INNER JOY.
Don't tolerance - there are trash receptacles all over...and if not...hold on to it until you find one- this includes cigarette butts. We have only one earth.

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Jane said...

I can't believe you did that. I would have loved to have seen it. Littering has always been my pet peeve too. Way before it was popular.