Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Eggplant Obsession...I'm not alone!

I'm becoming eggplant obsessed! From writing about it...and talking about it, I'm finding so many friends and family are as passionate about it! Facebook has reconnected me to some high school friends... Kathy, commented "she ate it everyday while pregnant 20 years ago"! Astrid has sent me 2 amazing I'm making for Easter "warm rice salad with eggplant"... so, not only have I been privy to some great's brought me back to being in touch with some people I've truly missed!!!
Last night, Phil's Aunt hears me talking about "my blog" and somehow "eggplant" comes up....she perks up and tells me how much she LOVES it and how she knows what it's called in many different languages (Aunt Ilene does a lot of traveling)....
Of course...I just can't leave it at that... I'm curious and have to check out many countries language translation for this purple fruit (yes, it's a fruit, not a vegetable)! I know in Ireland they call it appears to be called that in France, Denmark and many other European Countries.
But, in the event you were wondering (and if you are... join the "eggplant club") - here are some other translations!

aubergine - French
melanzana - Italian
esculenta - Indian
munakoiso - Finnish
μελιτζάνα - Greek
berenjena - Spanish
баклажан - Russian
oberżynowy - Polish
vânătă - Romanian
ナス - Japanese

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preppyplayer said...

Not only do I LOVE eggplant- try the appetizer at mezza Luna, but I love the word AUBERGINE.