Monday, April 27, 2009

Stay Positive for your Health!

I'm not a Doctor, Therapist, Social Worker, etc... but I do believe in surrounding yourself with positive people and positive thinking... In today's current climate we can't live in a dream world and need to be realistic... BUT we can't give up and start the contagious negative way of thinking.
Practice positive thinking. I believe it takes practice to change your way of thinking. Look for the good things. It's so easy to always point out "what's wrong". It's best to try and stop yourself and intentionally look for the "good" instead. .
Forgive. If necessary, then take a small step towards forgiveness. Forgiveness prevents bitterness, which is extremely taxing, on both your soul and your mind. Check out my earlier blog "True acts of Forgiveness", March 7, 09
Surround yourself around positive people. I've met people who "thrive" on bad things happening to them...they love to "top every story you share" with an example... "oh, I have one better". I don't think they can exist any other way... it's all they know.... They think if people "feel sorry for them" they are accepted better...or we feel compelled to "befriend" them... I find this trait to be the most selfish of them all and (try) to avoid their company at all costs!
Be ready for change. I think it's important to realize that things can turn around for you at any stage and in any age in life. Remember, it's for your own well being and health!

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