Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Joke's on Wendy's! I pull out of Wendy's Drive-thru ~ (it's the ONLY fast food I'll consider... usually I'll get their small chili or sometimes a salad). The bag feels a little heavy for a chili...but after waiting a longer than usual time for my change, I grabbed it and drove away... I'm SO thirsty for my soda - go to stick my hand in the bag for the straw...and feel a hot, crispy french fry!!! I got the person who was behind me's meal!!! AND NO, I did not drive back to return it ... I started to feel very deviant and eat a few fries... OMG, they were so good, forbidden food I'd never order...but to get a free order (that's different) .... then I smell this "bacon" aroma! As I'm driving I'm looking in my rear view mirror... thinking someone is after me to "give back that bag of food that was not mine". I get this nervous feeling ... "I hope I did not get the person working in the drive-thru in trouble"... I knew they would make up a new order for the poor soul stuck behind me... I felt like I just won something... it was actually a bit of a "high" for a minute... but I was wishing Gene was with me... he would have LOVED for this to have happened! So...I'm "justifying it"... "how many times did we pull away, not check our order and find out they screwed up and forgot to give us something"..... Anyway... I kept it... ate 1/2 of the bacon cheeseburger (w/o the roll) when I got home I gave the other 1/2 to my dog and threw away a chicken sandwich, nuggets, the rest of the fries... and my guilt! I'm sure this is not the first time it's happened at a drive-thru...funny was April Fool's Day... but the joke was on Wendy's!


Brittany Evans said...

Hey thanks for tagging my blahg! That was a treat to find today. Sounds like you had a fun April Fools. Love it when crazy things happen like that. Last sunday my husband found $60 sitting on the wet ground of my car port. YES!!!!! Never happens. I'll watch your blog now. Fun!

preppyplayer said...

Without often does that happen?