Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dressing Room Horror!

I've read all the "TIPS" on buying a "slimming style bathing suit" - to 98% of the women I know...we call that an oxymoron! This is the time of year to take the "plunge" and purchase a bathing suit... good selection, most sizes are available and primarily to get it over with! So tonight I took the plunge ~ OMG - white scaly legs that have hardly been out of a pair of cords all winter ... there is just nothing good about looking at oneself in a 3 way mirror with horrifying florescent lights while sporting a bathing suit (underwear sticking out...you get the picture) I would like to seriously thank someone in the fashion world for at least making a 2 piece tankini with a skirt popular... they are the MOST forgiving style of them all... (on me, anyway). Enough said, it was humiliating, depressing and even more discouraging because I left without one in the bag. (a side bar: did you ever realize just how WONDERFUL the clothes you shopped in feel after trying on clothes in a fitting room)???
Time to hunt for the numerous Lands End and LL Bean Catalogs, fantasize that I look the way the models looks - order a few more than I need - try them on in the comfort of my home and return hopefully ~ all but one, hopefully.

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