Tuesday, April 14, 2009

When you REALLY feel OLD!

Do you remember when you realized a physician that was examining you (or your child) was possibly "younger than you"? I do. It's when I officially felt OLD!
I also felt "old" when a parish priest was younger than I was! I've been following the recent news about NYC's new Archbishop Timothy Dolan, who last evening celebrated his Solemn Vespers, and today is his Instillation Mass. OK...he's older than I am... but not by that much... he was born in 1950, I'm only trailing behind in 1957... he's an Archbishop ...as I remember - someone his "tenure" is to be MUCH OLDER THAN I AM... Does this mean I'm officially old?
On a side note: Archbishop Dolan seems like a "down to earth" religious man ~ I'm hoping he'll bring some contemporary views to the Archdiocese. I like seeing his jovial big smile...I look forward to attending one of his Masses at St. Patrick's and hearing him...I wish him well!
Back to being old... I just heard about a high school classmate of mine becoming a grandfather...that did it for me too. I'm wondering what it will REALLY take for me to REALLY, REALLY feel old?
Thank God no one I've graduated with has "retired"... or at least I've not heard about it...
I always remember what someone once said to me "Susan, it's OK to get old, just not Old and boring"!

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