Saturday, April 18, 2009

Going Green... Happy Earth Day!

I'm sure you too have noticed how conscious shoppers have become in bringing their own bags for groceries... I appreciate when stores have a reminder note on their door if you forgot them in the car... that always happens to me....Whole Foods Market Estimates Reusable Bag Use Has Tripled Since Last Year; 150 Million Plastic Bags Have Been Kept out of Landfills and our Environment Since Company Banned Plastic Grocery Bags Last Earth Day.
I've become accustomed to looking at the bags different markets offer to purchase... my favorite is HomeGoods ... over sized shopping bags, that are durable, fashionable and only .99 cents. I've also become very fond of the Elizabeth Haub Foundation bags that you can purchase in many places, I have purchased well over 20 of them from our local A&P, they too are only .99 cents, they have a flat bottom, 2 size handles, very durable, colorful and practical. I'm not a big fan of the small cloth bags...maybe for small trips, but they don't seem as practical to me. What really inspired me is the "Earth Day Special" being offered by Vera Bradley... Now through April 27, for only $12.00 (no other purchase is necessary) is their Shopper Tote. It's lightweight, water-resistant and ...

Oh, So Pretty...Vera Bradley Earth Day Special Bag!


preppyplayer said...

pretty and practical, just like us! :)

ANDY PAGE said...

This holiday season, the Elizabeth Haub Foundation reusable bags have four new versions. These bags can be purchased at any Food Emporium, A&P/A&P Fresh, Waldbaums, Pathmark and SuperFresh locations for only 99 cents.
The current theme features artists works from wildlifeart.

The set includes the elephant, bear, tiger, and my particular favorite, the American buffalo