Thursday, April 30, 2009

Commin' Home for the Summer...

(so OK...this is a bit of an exaggeration)!!!

We LOVE our son... he's home from school in less than a week (my tulips JUST bloomed... is it time for summer vacation already)?... I'm very happy to have him he's maturing he's fun company and fills the house. But... I really am not excited about all his STUFF that comes home with him! I'm mentally preparing myself for it...trying to get ready with bins that we can store his STUFF in ... It's a long summer - 4 months, I find the transition for college kids to "family life and rules" is not automatic.
So... I'm psyching myself up... staying positive, determined to start the summer in a healthy upbeat note. He's turning 21 in July... that's hard for me to except... but in a way, it can't come soon enough.
This Saturday is his last Rugby Game... we're hoping for a big w for the Pirates injuries and our last weekend to get decent "sleep" until the end of August...when I'll be very melancholy that it's already time for him to go back to school... (with his STUFF)!

I'm commin' back home for the summer!

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