Thursday, April 23, 2009

Take our Daughters (Child) to Work Day!

It all started as "Take Our Daughters to Work Day", which is being observed today, as "Take your Child to Work Day", it was originally designed to make girls more visible, valued and heard. I know I'm "going out on a limb"... but the initial intention, founded by the Ms. Foundation for Women in 1993, was to show young girls and women many opportunities they knew they could aspire to. I do not have a during the 90's I bent the rules and proudly took turns with a few of my nieces, one at a time. My son was not thrilled (because it was a day they got to miss school and that just seemed - totally unfair).... too bad. At that time I was less vocal, but I could not help to think "hey, it's a man's world" get over it ... this is important. So today we have a young boy who's 12 and with his Mom at the University. I do feel differently and happy to see him here, but I do still prefer the intention behind the original "Take Our Daughters to Work Day"!

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