Monday, April 13, 2009

Welcome Bo!

It's official... "puppygate" is out and the Obama's long awaited puppy that was promised to his girls during his acceptance speech is arriving to The White House today! Welcome Bo.

Bo is not from a shelter. Bo comes from Ted Kennedy. Bo's mother is Cappy, one of several dogs owned by dog lover Kennedy. And Bo is a re purposed pup. The White House will be Bo's second home, having lived with another family first. (So, can we officially say that "they kept him in the family")???
Having many nieces and a nephew allergic to dogs... Portuguese Water Dogs have been a breed that I've heard about, a hypo allergic dog that has hair and not fur, therefore, no dander. (Being the owner of 100 lb hairy golden retriever that sheds something terrible....that sounds like a good solution to me) Portuguese Water Dogs, also referred to as Porties are knows to be smart, easy to train and do well with children!
How did they come up with the name... I understand the girls have cousins with a cat named "Bo" and Michele's father's nickname was "Diddley"... sort of cute. I think a Dog in the White House adds a lot of character... did you know Bush's "Barnery" has his own web page...
(hmmm.... sounds like a topic for another blog)!!!

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