Saturday, April 4, 2009's not just for kids!

It started quite innocently... come on Aunt Susan...I'm sending you the link...just sign up - I know you'll like it. ME... I'm over 50 - what will I do with facebook! Well, 4 months and 89 friends later ... I'm hooked and love it! It's the "buzz"... are you on facebook? Unless you've joined and "embrace it" you don't "get it" ... it's just trivia... but take the leap and sign up - at least give it a try. I'm the idea of a social network is just fascinating to me... I've reconnected with friends from grammar school, friends I lost touch with, work acquaintances who's company I really enjoyed, some cousins that I don't get to see as often as I'd like, etc. I'll admit, some requests to "friend" someone are VERY random and I just don't correspond with them, a few I've even taken off my list (and they are NOT it's OK to do) My "favorite" thing on facebook is looking at the pictures that people post.
I'm totally aware of the downside to facebook, anything on the WWW is open to everyone, no matter what security you go through, so you have to be careful... this has especially "haunted" kids and working in an industry with college students and as a career counselor, I warn everyone about it...don't get "tagged" in a photo you don't want anyone else to see!
With adults becoming more familiar and comfortable with technology, students have become accustomed to seeing both parents and teachers becoming a part of the facebook craze that has spread worldwide
Don't knock it until you give it a try... It's as time consuming as you want it to be...a quick check everyday is all it takes to "keep up to date"!
Will my 20 year old EVER want to "friend" his mother? Never. I've accepted it, it bothered me initially, I would have felt exactly the same way at his age. Take the leap...sign up and have fun with it!

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