Thursday, July 9, 2009

Turning 21... Being "Legal" and Reality!

Last evening...after listening to ENDLESS Michael Jackson follow up since his gala send off celebration... like "who will have custody of his children" - my son, who's turning 21 this Saturday says to me "If something happens to you and Dad, who is taking care of me"? My response - Gene, you're 21, legally, you're to be taking care of yourself! After all, you DO KNOW EVERYTHING... and your parents know absolutely NOTHING... so, I guess everyone thinks you're responsible and able to be "on your own".
"Really" he says.? I softened the blow and informed him - you have loving family on all sides, God forbid something was to happen, you're in good council... BUT according to the courts - you are an adult (since 18) and "on your own". So the reality of turning 21 - what it means is you can use your own ID and ditch your fake one... and I reminded him "if you are caught doing anything illegal"... no mercy!
He proceeds... well, if something had happened to you and Dad before I was 18, who was taking care of me... I told him - little response... mute issue!

Yep...I'm turning 21!

Turning 21 is a milestone, I'm really not so sure how I feel about it, mixed feelings. This fall our son will be living off campus in a house (The "Rugby House") ... it will be the true test on "taking care of yourself"... I've realized I've not done a great job in preparing him - the other day when I was making pasta and asked him if he knew how... he looked puzzled - he willingly came into the kitchen and thought the pasta cooked in the boiling water until the water was absorbed... "what does straining" mean? This has nothing to do with turning 21... maybe legally he'll be able to purchase his beer... but realistically I'm praying he'll be able to make noodles!!!

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