Thursday, July 30, 2009


My hands are so sore I can just about type... I've been told I hold the oars to tightly.
My right foot is absolutely killing me... bought OTC orthotics - praying they help!
I've had Charlie Horses in places I never knew possible - I had to pull over and walk on the GSP highway shoulder.
My thumbs are smashed (it's common).
My hair has NEVER consistently looked worse - baseball caps will do that!
My shoulders have black circles from the boat resting on them - it happens.
My ego... what ego - it's a team sport - but when I'm the one messing up in the boat and we all have to stop and re-group, it's just so humiliating.
Rowing is a team sport... everyone is forced to work together... there is no "mind" drifting - I know there are beautiful homes and cliffs along the Hudson - but I don't even dare to glance at them... every stroke needs concentration!
I've realized in many sports I seem to consistently plateau, I have to get past that in rowing - we all have to improve together... no excuses.
Oh, and - it's very humbling to be coached by a 20 year old that knows your son!
BUT, the most rewarding feeling is when the morning session is over, it's all of 7:00 AM, and I'm on my way to work or home and on a natural high from being out on the water... hopefully accomplishing even a "baby step" improving.
PS... I really don't care for complainers!

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Prarisha said...

hi Susan .. I relly liked ur blog ..!!