Monday, July 13, 2009

Time for the family "roast"... the "human" kind!

So last night, winding down after serving 25+ people at my son's family birthday party...I was "roasted". The one who's turn it was to hear about oneself. I was too exhausted to give it back... I also just had a few glasses of wine as drinking and keeping a party going (catered... never) is to "risky" to be tipsy. I waited until dinner and desert were served... then, for the first time, sat down. It was a great event, shared it with the 25 most important people to me and felt blessed. But, back to being roasted - I know it was in good fun, and I will always be a good sport - but one has to wonder just how much "truth" there is in what is being said about you - with a "laugh" behind it...getting their message across. I'm forever hearing "you made too much food"... "of course you cooked it all yourself"... and then the "how do you have time to blog and be on facebook"... it even got to how I dressed our son when he was little (yes, holidays in plaid shorts and saddle shoes - hey, he wears what he wants now) yadda, yadda, yadda. I know they all love me and it was all for a laugh... but it does "stick with you"... and you do get a sense that MAYBE, just maybe, there is a message behind what they were "roasting" me about!

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