Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Copper Beauty...

When was the last time you were at The Statue of Liberty? It's usually a place we go when we have out of town guests... Thank God for visitors though, makes you go to places you feel are "always" there and sometimes don't make the effort! It's beautiful and worth the trip. I recently heard that the crown of the Statue of Liberty was reopened to tourists on this past July 4th. The crown was closed after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, for safety and security reasons. The National Park Service closed the attraction amid worried that it would be difficult for visitors to evacuate quickly in the event of an emergency. Since the closing, tourists have been able to visit other parts of the statue, but had to stop before climbing the narrow 168 -step double-helix spiral staircase to get to the crown. The federal government planned to give "America a special gift" by re-opening the crown. Access to the crown has been limited to 10 people at a time, guided by a National Park Service ranger. "The Statue of Liberty will be open for the next two years, then closed again for "work on a long-term solution that will improve safety and security permanently," according to the U.S. Department of the Interior. A gift from France to the United States, the Statue of Liberty was dedicated in 1886, designated as a National Monument in 1924 and restored for its centennial on July 4, 1986. It stands just across New York Harbor from where the Twin Towers stood. When I mentioned this to my sister, she informed me that at one time she went up the arm to her torch! (which has been closed for many years) It's a thrill to climb the stairs... read about her history and realize the magnitude of this copper beauty!

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