Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Don't Mess With Them"!!

Thick as thieves.... These 7 boys have been as tight as a drum all through high school, and most best friends since kindergarten! Who would have thought. They are a pack... loyal as can be... a brotherhood. They rotate who's turn it is to drive (designated driver)... I've heard them bicker like little kids - but, don't mess with them - they'd stand in front of a freight train for the other one. I love them... often ready to "ring their necks"... but you can't stay mad at them! Everyone said, wait until they all go off to college and their tight bond will loosen - no signs of it. I've even heard if someone has 4 tickets to an event, they can't choose and will draw names to fairly see who should go... I've often been told that our son is not REALLY an only child... he has 6 other brothers. May their bond and friendship continue...

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