Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Animals... and when they pass...

Reilly, 8 years old in our back yard - July 10, 2009

I received a sad phone call earlier today. My sister-in-law's dog had a stroke last night, followed by a few more during the evening. She died today. Buttercup was 10 years old, a beautiful Wheaten Terrier.
Having a dog and knowing what a big part of our family she is... it's just put me in "a funk". Adopting an animal is wonderful, we all know they don't live forever and having to deal with them dieing is just heart wrenching. I'm happy she did not suffer long and my heart aches for the family.
Reilly, our 8 year old Golden is the first one to greet me daily at the back door... I find myself talking to her, saying goodbye to her, etc. This is a picture that I took of her just this past weekend - she has slowed down considerably. Reilly is happiest when she is with us...either inside or outside - she wants to be with her family. So, with a heavy heart today, I'm reflecting on animals and dealing with them getting sick and eventually passing...how hard it is for the family, especially children - it's part of life, and unless you have an animal it's very hard to understand... Rest in peace, Buttercup...

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