Wednesday, July 1, 2009



OK...I'm really going out on a limb with this statement... BUT - Are they ever going to bury Michael Jackson?? He's dead 1 week tomorrow and the family cannot agree on who/where etc. to rest is soul. Did this famous icon not have a will stating all of his wishes... he certainly had people wrapped around his every wish and whim while alive. My husband and I are always commenting that once you are dead... you suddenly become canonized... Not everyone has done this in Michael Jackson's situation... lot's of "dirt" re-surfacing and his totally dysfunctional family with his controlling father is "not looking so good". He's left behind a debt of over 4 million dollars! I believe he had a sad childhood, and most likely the statements that he "missed" his childhood are true. He was also VERY talented... I most enjoyed his younger years when he was the little kid in the group. I'll give him that... I was never a big fan of his later music, he had some major issues and lived a lonely life. I always thought he was a strange father... isn't this the first time anyone has seen his children's faces not behind a scarf??? His life ended too early - but, it's time to bury him and turn the page. Poor Farrah.

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Brittany Evans said...

Ok I totally felt the exact same . . . you just had the guts to write it. I felt so sad about Farrah and then when MJ died she didn't get any attention. On the flip side, that could be a real blessing to her family to avoid media attention.