Monday, July 6, 2009

Best Finds...right next door!

Cousin LuLu at Crestwood Lake ~ July, 2009

Son Gene at Lake lifeguarding ~ 2007

Crestwood Lake ~ 1929!

Sometimes the best "finds" are in your backyard. Crestwood Lake is a true treasure in Allendale - a man made lake, also chlorinated, hidden from the road and is loved by everyone. One of my favorite things about Crestwood is it is not a private club...everyone in town (and recently a few neighboring towns) are allowed to join - it's very affordable and you'll always find someone you know there! My son's been a lifeguard there for 5 summers, he grew up going there almost daily...competed on their swim team - it's his summer home! History says it was a summer place for Babe Ruth...who had a bungalow close to the park! We were there just yesterday... no traffic, home in 5 minutes and caught up with many friends in town!

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preppyplayer said...

A great post about a wonderful destination!