Monday, July 20, 2009

"Make new friends but keep the old..."

Phil and Dave, fly fishing the Esopus River, Pheonicia, NY

I frequently refer to my husband Phil and his passion for fly fishing. His compassion compares to nothing I've ever witnessed... The only thing that would make it "better than best" for him is if our son had the same interest - but he's realistic and thinks "down the road" when Gene can enjoy something not as "fast pace" he'll learn to enjoy it. He's given up on me fishing...but loves when I join him on a trip...and I love it too - the serenity of a running river is majestic.
Phil and his best friend since 7th grade, Dave have the same love for fishing. Although Dave prefers salt water, they each accompany the other to the ocean or river. As I was driving up to the mountains with them yesterday and listening to their fishing jargon "line weight, tippet, dry flies" etc... it's all such familiar conversation to me. I had a choice yesterday... The Catskills where there are frequent snakes or Pennsylvania, where there have been frequent bears... I choose snakes...and was lucky not to have come across any... a few beautiful deer and it warmed my heart to be with 2 very happy fishing buddies who had a great afternoon catching rainbows!

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