Thursday, March 26, 2009

What happened to Atlantic City?

Trump Taj Mahal... it does not get any tackier than this!

Slot Machines... Am I missing something???

Walking through The Tropicana in AC ... a sad sight. Of course you are "forced" to walk through the casino to get to the convention center, restaurants, sleeping rooms, etc. You can't help but notice the desperate people waiting and hoping to win it big.... Do you know how depressing it is to see someone in a wheelchair with oxygen and gambling at a slot machine? I also thought smoking was no longer allowed... maybe they have sections where you're allowed to smoke...but you can smell it the second you walk in the door! Am I missing something.... the people in the casino's don't look like they are having a good time to me...
I guess you are either a gambler or you're not... I have absolutely no interest in gambling 5 cents. For those that can afford to loose and consider it a rare occasion to visit a casino, good for them, seriously - I'm not judging anyone - but if I saw some enjoyment on the faces of the people sitting at the slot machines maybe I'd relate somehow!
The bigger picture is the sad and sorry sight of Atlantic City... very depressing, desolate, a few tall casinos stand out.. In 1976 I remember when gambling was passed in AC in an effort at revitalizing the city and make it a desirable place to visit...I don't think it worked! I also remember my grandmother telling me with such pride that she came to Atlantic City on her honeymoon and it was a very desirable place to vacation and the boardwalk and beaches were world famous....what happened?

Atlantic City in it's Prime!

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brenda said...

Hi Susan! I could not agree more regarding your feelings when walking through the casino in AC. (I enjoyed being with you there!). I have thought exactly the same thing when seeing an elderly person dragging their oxygen to feed their money to a stupid machine!

Thanks for sharing your blog. Now I have something else to distract me!! You have shared so many beautiful thoughts. The pride and love you have toward life, family and God are evident. May you be blessed.