Thursday, March 19, 2009's how to communicate with our kids!

This just happened ... AGAIN. I called my son, no answer. I text him, immediate response! How infuriating...and what has me really crazy is I've learned to accept it! It's our most recent way to communicate - quick little questions and very quick answers like "k". Not even OK.... just "k"!
Take notice of how many kids are exercising their fingers and texting...all of the time. I work in a University and see students texting the second they are walking out of the classroom. I also tutor students and teach a night class and have students answering their texts... in front of me! They just CAN'T shut off their phone and give 100% of their attention. (and they THINK I don't notice) Most of the times if it happens only once, I let it slide...after that I ask them to SHUT IT OFF, NOT PUT ON VIBRATE and watch them wiggle that they know they have a message and can't concentrate!
My Mother is now texting...she wants to stay in touch with her grandchildren and has realized it's the best way... Mom is 80, I don't know many or any others in her category texting...but she found out what it takes to get a response. God forbid one of the kids write her a letter???
I too text a few of my friends (who respond)...but I prefer to hear a voice.
Anyway, I saw a statistic that the majority (76%) of adults ages 45-60 who are texting are sending messages to their children!
So...bottom line is I guess we've all accepted it... but I'm not lovin it!

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