Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fairway "Like No Other Market"!

I just came back from the new Fairway in Paramus, did the entire County of Bergen! How I endured to keep going and not leave my cart, I'll never know. It was killing me these past 4 days knowing it was officially opened and that I had not been there yet. You see, a speciality food store is my all time "haven"... similar to my husband spending the day in his favorite fly fishing stream. I get a high to walk into a produce department and see absolutely every single piece of vegetable or fruit stacked high, shiny and just so inviting. Not much compares to the beautiful colors of a beautifully laid out produce department (except maybe 100 grocery carts wedged in every which way). Around the corner was the deli, butcher, fish, cheese, departments, etc. - there was NOTHING you could not find! I'm reminding myself..."Susan, you and Phil can ONLY consume just so much"... It was laid out differently from the famous Upper West Side and Harlem Stores, but had the same abundance of selections and "feel to it".
I was impressed than many of the employees were from their NY Stores ...I heard many of them talking. This store knows how to do it right... Once inside though you are somewhat forced to "follow the forced layout"... heading back to something you forgot is like walking against a heard of elephants....
Anyway... it was a "Susan Playground"... I went alone, my son would have walked in and turned right around...Phil will love it, but I think we'll wait until the novelty of everyone in the state of NJ has already been there! My sisters and Mother would never "rush" to a food store, no matter what they are giving away or selling! If you love specialty grocery stores...I'd defiantly recommend it, as their motto's says "like no other market" ...just wait a few weeks!

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