Friday, March 20, 2009

Give Blood...Play Rugby!

I'm the mother of a college rugby player....who was also a high school football player......
I remember thinking at my son's last football game in his senior year in high school...."good" this game is over... no more worrying.... not so.
The camaraderie and team spirit in Rugby compares to nothing...these boys are tight and watch out for each other like a true brotherhood ... they also party very HARD together... One of the things I have a strong admiration for is at the end of the match...the two teams are meant to "drink" together... no hard feelings, the game is over - time to celebrate!
College Rugby is a club sport...but the commitment from the players are no less than varsity....don't tell them it's "only" club... to them, it's their life. We love the fact that Gene likes to be on a team sport, he always has and it's his second family. It's a FAST game, usually 2 halves at 40 minutes each and the clock does not stop running... no protective gear and the rules are very different!
Tomorrow is SHU's opening spring game ... the primary season is in the fall...but every match is equally serious to them. I'll hope, as always, there is no blood... we've had our share of stitches and don't agree that a scare on the face is something to "sport" proudly!
Go Pirates!

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misti said...

THANK you! And I do love recipe books - especially old ones.

Your blog is great too! I share your love of frozen thin mints. Thought I was the only one.

Speaking of recipes...that brown bread recipe looks amazing. Might have to try that one!