Sunday, March 15, 2009


I just came back from dropping my son off at school, he was home last week for spring break. It was so nice to have him around. Why do I still get that melancholy feeling when I take him back to his dorm and say good-bye? I think it was expected the first time we took him Freshman Year... it took me a while to "shake it" then. Now' he's a Sophomore - and I still hate to say good bye! I myself, was not one to ever like dorm life, in fact, I hated it. Living in a building (dorm) was just a very un-natural feeling for me - I tried it twice, living in the heart of Boston, and thinking I missed the "country dorm scene" then transferring to a beautiful campus in PA... and hating that too... to FINALLY asking if I could move home, have a car and commute... that's when I was happiest! Our son has adjusted without skipping a beat...he loves it and ultimately, that's what we want, our kids to be thriving, happy, and comfortable in their own skin! My two sisters both went to the same college for 4 years and loved the entire experience, I get the "willies" just thinking about living in a dorm! In two months I'll be dreading the "home for the summer", not because of my son being back, but because of all of his STUFF that comes with him....but, that too will pass. My husband knows I hate when we drop him off and say good bye, so he's being extra sensitive and knows in a day that I'll shake it... maybe it's the "mother in me"... I sense my own Mom hates when any of us say bye to her after a visit... maybe that's just the way it is... OH...did I mention I work at the same University he's at? Guess does not matter, it's still missing him at home...

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