Monday, March 9, 2009

Throwing a "Surprise" Party!!!

hmmmmm you NEVER REALLY know for sure...if the person is surprised.... it's the first thing people at the party all "buzzzzzzzzzzz about" Do you think she was REALLY surprised? "Oh, she was definitely surprised'! "I think she knew". There is only ONE person who knows if they are surprised...and that's the person who's party it is... (myself included)... Come on... are you going to spoil all the hard work that your family put into this party... just go ahead and "burst that bubble" of excitement - after all, this party is given in "your" honor...
Sunday night was a surprise party for my sister's 50th... honestly, I'm convinced she was totally surprised!
It was great...we were determined to do it "Sheila" style... so we found the PERFECT Irish bar, The Porter House, it was a room off of the bar with a few tables - they had live music with 5 or 6 players who were terrific... time to mingle, no formal sit down dinner - pub grub... open bar (of course)... and a GREAT party! Happy 50th Sheila!!!


preppyplayer said...

Were you surprised at yours? It seemed to us :)
Sheila definitely looks surprised!

Susan said...

Then I'm a good actress! They knew I knew...just not all the details...and it was still a great party... but Sheila was truly shocked!